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My Name is Moses Mwanjelwa.

I was born and raised in Germany/Saarbrücken.

I started in the age of 17 with dancing.

Quite late but at that point I knew where and what I want to be, a professional urban dancer.

Bboy and Krump are my favorite dance styles I started with. 

But this was not enough.

Freestyle HipHop, House Dance, Locking and Popping came also into my dancelife.

The love for dance took me so far that I had experiences in jazz,ballet, step dance and also singing.

Right now, as an allstyle dancer, I work with organisations in germany to support the youth in a social way with workshops & performances on stage.

You want to know why I love to dance and why can't see myself in another spot than dancing?

The reason is why it went this way is because I took the risk to follow my heart. 

If I dance I feel free to express my emotions how I feel.

It takes my to another dimension where nobody is allowed to enter.

I feel comfortable and enjoy it.

If you feel comfortable and have joy in what you do life will be easier to overwhelm.

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