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A non-profit society based in Germany/Munich.
It's a health and education program designed to encourage kids and teenagers to be more environmentally aware, take care of their diet and exercise at the same time.
Together with a big group of freestylers we give workshops throughout Germany for one month at various schools.
This gives the kids the opportunity to be interested in things that they haven't yet included in their everyday life.


This is a society I'm working with since 2007. The goal is to give the kids & youth an opportunity for a second chance in their life's.
No matter which origin, skin colour, religion or problems they have those will be helped.
The kids & teenagers also have the opportunity to show their talents in singing and dancing through workshops and events

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2020 I started to create many Tutorials on my Youtube Channel ''Moses M.'' in the dance style ''Bboy''.
For the future more dance tutorials will be uploaded in different urban styles.
Have fun with the Tutorials..

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